Monday, February 1, 2010

Final Stats

In 4 weeks I lost.... (and don't want to find)

20.4 lbs
3.6% body fat
3.3% BMI
15.5 total inches
     4 inches off chest
     5 inches off belly
     3 inches off hips
     1 inch off calves
     2 inches off arms
     0.5 inches off thighs

I'm going to make a shirt that says "I left my ass in Utah".  I'm going to keep blogging about the rest of my weight loss, so this won't be my last post.

Here is an "after" pic.  This is me singing karaoke with Eric from the Biggest Loser on my last night.  That is one funny fella'!!


  1. Way to go Sara!! I knew you were doing well, your face kept getting thinner and thinner. Do you think you will plan another trip to the resort, or was once enough.....Please keep posting on occasion, I would love to see just how low you can go. An encourage you to take just one day at a time. My daughter Jerica arrives at the resort in 3 weeks for her month stay. I don't know if I can talk her into blogging, but if you send me your email I'll let you know daily how she is doing. Thanks again for the great blog. Paulette

  2. Sara -- you look terrific (and I love your hair!). Keep up the good work and stay healthy. Kathleen Elder (fellow guest 3 Jan - 17 Jan)

  3. Hooray for you! You look fantastic!!!

  4. Sara, you are such an inspiration! You and others have really helped me! I go on 2/21, again this summer and I'll be there 12/26-1/2 to round out the year's journey. Thank you so much for being so honest and so giving!--Kay

  5. Way to go, Sara. 20 pounds is AMAZING! And all the inches you lost too! Congratulations!

  6. Great job Sara! Thanks for sharing your FR story and definitely keep blogging about the rest of you journey! I hope to continue to gain inspiration from you.

  7. I love your t-shirt idea! Super job on all your hard work. It has paid off. I've only recently found your blog as I started making the decision to go to Fitness Ridge but am very grateful for all your insight. It has been so helpful to know what to expect. Thank you for blogging your journey. I hope you continue as you settle into your home routine. Best of luck!