Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 11

I hate to say the same thing every day, but I did the stop sign hike again.  It's really the only one where you can use your iPod, zone out, and do your own thing.  I also burn a lot of calories on it, so I'm sticking to it for now.  I think next week I'll start on some other hikes, if my feet will let me.

We had the best lunch today.  It was a sandwich, again using the Arnold's sandwich rounds (that look like they've been poked with a fork).  There was no meat on it, but yellow, red, and green tomatoes, onion, guacamole, and probably some other stuff.  It was SO good.

We had treading today.  I worked pretty hard.  I was on the bike and kept my RPM's at about 110.

7:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - Hike
11:15 am - Open gym
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:45 pm - Open gym
2:30 pm - Pool
3:30 pm - Ball works
4:30 pm - Treading
5:30 pm - Dinner

Breakfast - Egg sandwich and Fruit
Lunch - Sunchoke soup and Rainbow sandwich
Dinner - Chicken and Potato salad (YUM)
Dessert - Apple cobbler (MMMmm...)

Calories Consumed - 1186
Calories Burned - 3648
Calorie Deficit - 2462
Steps Walked - 22,925


  1. 110 RPM!?!?! WOW! That is so hard, you would do great in a spinning class! :) The food sounds amazing! PLEASE PLEASE bring home some recipes if you can. Keep up the good work!

  2. Those Arnold's sandwich rounds are SO good. They're awesome with a burger - not so bread-y! Blech.

  3. ...You ate guacamole? Never thought you'd try an animal so small (just kidding!). You are my inspiration!

  4. Mom, I thought I was your inspiration after I put that Pretzel Bell Pic Up.... Whatever!!! Nice goin Sara, don't be bringing "TOO MANY" of those dirt sandwich recipies home okay.