Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 2

They weren't lying when they said today would be rough, because we'd be so sore and tired from yesterday.  I'm not gonna sugar coat it, I'm miserable.  Not to the point that I don't want to be here or don't love it here, but I have never been this sore and tired.  By the last class of the day, I feel like I can barely participate.  But I know I'm not the only one, we're all having a tough time.  It just goes with the territory.  The staff are the NICEST people I've met and the food is so amazing, but I am one tired turkey.

I forgot some calories burned yesterday because I can't wear the bodybugg in the pool.  Add 360 to that :)

So, on with today.  There were 5 different hikes (difficulty levels) we could go on.  The same stop sign hike as yesterday, 101, 2 intermediates, and advanced.  Since I'm going to be here a month, I just wanted to start with 101.  I didn't want to be any more miserable.  It was definitely a fitness hike, with inclines, rocks, etc (as you'll see in the pic), it wasn't easy.  We got to see petrographs, which are ancient carvings throughout the hike.  We had another good lecture today about using your calories, and now it's time to watch the Biggest Loser.  It's on at 7pm here.  You saw there is a team from Ann Arbor, right?

7:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - Hike
11:15 am - Free weight workshop
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:30 pm - Lecture (Cooking demo)
2:30 pm - Pool
3:30 pm - Cardio intervals
4:30 pm - Total toning
5:30 pm - Dinner
6:15 pm - Lecture (Spending calories)

Breakfast - Fruit parfait (the one in the pic online)
Snack after hike - Banana
Lunch - Tomato soup (So good), Turkey sandwich
Dinner- Enchiladas
Dessert - Chocolate ice cream (So good)

Calories Consumed - 1364
Calories Burned - 3766
Calorie Deficit - 2402
Steps Walked - 20,506


  1. It all sounds super tough! Hang in there.

  2. You're doing a great job, Sara! Are you wearing a pedeometer, too?

  3. Food sounds like it's YUMMY! Hang in there!

  4. Adam "Lil Bro"January 6, 2010 at 9:02 AM

    I'm tired just reading that! Send that ice cream home, you can have the rest. Patience is key, there is a reason most people are out of shape. It's work! But I promise, it becomes enjoyable once the pain goes away and you see results. If your tubby brother changed his habits, you can too. Ok, gotta go sneak some ice cream before Laura wakes back up.. Will watch for your next post. Out

  5. I am glad to hear the fruit parfait was as yummy as it looked! What amazing pictures you posted, hard to find those here in Michigan! :) I am so jealous of you by the by, what an amazing, but tough, experience for you! Gotta go find Adam and call him out on his sneaky ice cream trips! :) LOVE ALWAYS