Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 13

Today was the quick Saturday.  We do the stop hike for time and a stretch class eat some lunch and we're free the rest of the day and tomorrow until dinner.  Those of you that know me know exactly what I did all afternoon.  I slept.  But it was well deserved.  Even though my blister was doing ok, I missed my stop sign time by 29 seconds, but I thought that was ok since I didn't get a very good start.  I couldn't breathe very well at first (others said the same thing), and I just couldn't catch my breath so the higher we got, it seemed a little tough.  Suddenly I was breathing good and really trying to truck, but I added 29 seconds to my time.  But thats ok.  I should do good Monday after a big day of rest and sleeping tomorrow.

Oh, it's been brought to my attention that the night we had chocolate "mousse" I spelled it as moose.  I will pay more attention to that in future posts! :)

Tonight was graduation and a lot of people are leaving.  It's sad.  Afterwards some of us stuck around to play Deal or No Deal. That was fun.

7:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - Hike
11:15 am - Stretch
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:00 pm - Freedom
5:30 pm - Dinner

Breakfast - Fruit, granola, yogurt parfait
Lunch - Veggie soup and turkey sammie
Dinner - Turkey steak with gravy
Dessert - Pineapple sorbet

Calories Consumed - 1100 estimate
Calories Burned - 3644
Calorie Deficit - 2544
Steps Walked - 16,354


  1. Yesssssssss. I'm finally the fist post of the day. I'm at the gym early with Laura. Thought I'd check in on you. Nice Goin! Laura's sister Amy called yesterday and said she was watching your blog too. Word must travel fast when you're famous. Have you done your "Drum on the big ball" class yet?
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Sara, thanks so much for keeping this journal! You've inspired me to start my own: as I will be arriving 2/21 for only one week...hope to go back in May, September and December. I'm proud of you and your accomplishments these two weeks and hope you have a great day off today!