Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 7

I did NOTHING today and I enjoyed every second.  It was our off day and it was a ghost town around here.  All of the new people arrived today and it was interesting to see that I was in their shoes just one week ago.  The highlight of my day happened while I was doing laundry.  I was pulling my clothes out of the washer to put into the dryer and saw my iPod laying at the bottom of the washer.  Needless to say, it no longer works.  It sure is clean though!

Laura, I DO eat tofu now.  Everything here is tofu based, there is no dairy.  So apparently I love it!  So... salmon, CHECK, hummus, CHECK, tofu, CHECK!

Mom, that's awesome that you and your peeps are going mall walking!!!  Just leave your credit cards at home!

I didn't wear my bodybugg today, although it would be interesting to see how many calories I burned while sleeping all day.  I did just put it on and it will estimate the calories your burned while you had it off, based on your info.  I did walk on the treadmill with some other girls for about 20 minutes after dinner, so I guess I did do a little today.

Tomorrow we do the timed stop sign hike again.

7:00 am - Still sleeping
8:00 am - Thought about getting up for breakfast
8:30 am - Got up for breakfast
10:00 am - Went back to bed
12:30 pm - Got up for lunch
1:00 pm - Back to bed
3:00 pm - Laundry
5:30 pm - Dinner

Breakfast - Muesli (ick) and fruit
Lunch - Beet soup and Chicken Salad and apple
Dinner - Chicken and potatoes
Dessert - Key lime pie (yum)

Calories Consumed - 1292
Calories Burned - 1670 (surprise)
Calorie Deficit - 378
Steps Walked - Not too many


  1. That's a lot of napping! I wouldn't have been able to go to bed!

  2. Nice work Sara. Hike some for me too.

  3. Congrats on completing your first week! You are awesome and I look forward to meeting you in 2 weeks time.

  4. I can't wait to have tofu for dinner when you get home! Do you think we can disguise it enough for Dad? :) Probably not. Who would have thought YOU would be eating all these YUMMY/WEIRD foods in ONE WEEK! This is exciting. :)