Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 24

Today we had really nasty rainy weather, again.  Also, my feet were a mess.  Open blisters, and soreness, and shin splints.  So I decided to not do the hike and just do open gym.  Since so many people did the gym because of the rain, they made it into a class and it whooped us.  We did something like a half hour of mountain (we also did later), half hour of intervals, half hour of weight circuits, and half hour of abs/legs/stretch.  It was brutal, but worth it.

Today was the usual tough Wednesday with Kickboxing AND Mountain.  We didn't have to do pool if we didn't want to because of the weather, but I did.  There were only about 6 or 8 of us in the pool.  It was nice.

We had another field trip today.  Paige, the Program Director took us to the grocery store to teach us how to shop the perimeter of a store and only go down an aisle is you need something from that aisle.  She showed us how to just shop for a couple days.  Healthy people only buy enough for a meal or two.  She said it is NOT a good idea to make a 4 serving meal and say you'll heat up the rest for lunch because realistically you'll eat another serving that night.  Use the butcher and get exact portions for just one or two meals.  Use prepackaged veggies and fruit.  She showed us how all butters are bad, even the ones that seem good.  She said butter is butter is butter.  Same with sausage, its sausage, it still has salt and fat in it.  She showed us different breads that say all the right things in their title but then the bread is 100 per slice.  That's 200 calories before you even put anything on it.  Then she showed us better bread that is 80 calories for BOTH slices.  So she proved you have to read the labels.

We had our yummy cafe salad today.  It just looks like a bowl with a tortilla in it as a bowl filled with lettuce, but hidden inside is tomato stuff, guac, black beans, chicken, rice.... its SO good.

Then we went to Target. I had to get my weekly $50 in blister paraphernalia.

Unfortunately my daily calories DOES include my resting rate, but still, I'm happy with it.

I had no interaction with the stop sign today because I didn't go on the hike. If I do that hike tomorrow, I'm sure we'll have some things to discuss.

So many people have been telling me to keep blogging after I leave. I think my boring life of working from home would not be very entertaining. I guess I could keep blogging about the rest of my weight loss journey.

7:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - Open gym
11:15 am - Circuit
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:30 pm - Shipping trip
2:30 pm - Mountain
3:30 pm - Pool
4:30 pm - Kick boxing
5:30 pm - Dinner

Breakfast - Cereal
Lunch - Beet soup,  BBQ chicken pizza
Dinner - Cafe salad
Dessert - Coconut sorbet

Calories Consumed - 1097
Calories Burned - 3943
Calorie Deficit - 2846
Steps Walked - 10,920


  1. Hi Sara, it's Paulette again. I wanted to let you know that I am still enjoying your blog and yes still waiting up nightly to read it. When you have time, I wonder if you could tell me what you would do different if you were arriving at the resort today to keep your feet in better condition. So many of you seem to have terrible blisters that are hindering your time at the resort. Would you wrap everything right away, or wait until you have a hot spot, and would you use tape or mole skin? What would you do differently in the beginning of your stay to help keep the blisters from forming? I just don't want my daughter Jerica to start off doing all the wrong things and then ending up with bad blisters. Maybe there is nothing anyone can do to stop them, but thought you may be more of an expert now and have a few early arrival suggestions. Thanks for any input.

  2. Sara - great shopping advice they gave you! Is there a class on eating out?

    You totally should keep blogging - I blog about my daily (BORING) life - it's fun to go back and read, even the everyday stuff.

  3. sara - i too was wondering the same as above as to what advice you would have to try to prevent blisters......can you tell me, what preventive measures did you take such as wearing anti blister socks and using the body glide prior to getting the blisters or did that not work and you got them anyway? i am trying to see what i can do to try to prevent them or at least keep them at minimal .....thanks for your help

  4. I'm ssssoooo happy to say that I'll be the one you'll be shopping with next week so you can show me first hand what to look for. Great blog! BTW, your dog likes lettuce so you will be all set to live together again!

  5. Poor poor feet. :( I like the idea of shopping for just a few meals because the fresh foods do not keep very well. I love that you are learning all this great information! I can't wait to hear all about it! :)