Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 4

First of all, I want to tell everyone that all of your comments that you leave are AWESOME.  It feels good to know that someone cares enough to read about a day in the life of me, even if its just to kill 3 minutes at work.  I look forward to reading everyones comments, and love to see that I have some to read.  Thanks for all of your encouragement, and Mary Beth, I did find that 2nd skin stuff and it is awesome.

My feet needed a day off from hiking in the worst way today.  Just the thought of another hike hurt.  I asked the trainers if I could workout in the gym instead of hike (which is what the people who can't hike, or are injured do), and they said absolutely.  So, I whooped myself today for a few hours in the gym until our 11:15 class.  I did 20 minutes on the bike, elliptical, and treadmill, and then lifted weights and did core.  We had the dreaded "treading" class today... you're on a piece of cardio and go as hard as you can for 5 minutes, recover for 5, hard for 4, recover for 4, then 3,2,1.  It was very hard but not as hard as the mountain class.  In my opinion.

7:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - Hike (I hit the gym)
11:15 am - Gym class
12:30 pm - Lunch
1:15 pm - Lecture (Cooking demo)
2:30 pm - Pool
3:30 pm - Ball works
4:30 pm - Treading
5:30 pm - Dinner

Breakfast - PB & J panini and fruit
Snack after hike - Orange
Lunch - Tortilla soup (yum), Hawaiian Pizza
Midday snack - Banana
Dinner - Stuffed chicken breast, Rice
Dessert - Chocolate dipped strawberries

Calories Consumed - 1396
Calories Burned - 3450
Calorie Deficit - 2054 (slacker today)
Steps Walked - 7,866 (low since I didn't hike and spent most of the day on stationary equipment :( )


  1. Sara, I really enjoy reading your blog, you tell it like it is and that's good! My daughter(29)will be there in Feb for a month and I'm reading as much as I can so I can encourage her. She lived in Fairfax, Va for a year with my brother before moving back home to Indiana. My other daughter (25) currently lives at the Reston Town Center in Va. Thanks for being so faithful with your blog, I stay up each night waiting to hear how your day went and try to invision my daughter doing the same.

  2. Glad you found the stuff - it's awesome! So nice to know that you won't have to endure the moleskin ripping your blisters to shreds!

    We're plugging along around here - snow and freezing.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi Baby. Your blog is the first thing I look forward to every morning (after I take your lazy dog outside and watch "Sopranos"!). I'm so proud of you!! The worst pain is probably behind you now and you'll get stronger each day.
    (Hi Paulette, Sara lived in Reston too not long ago! Small world. Thanks for following my daughter's journey!) Keep up the good work Sara.

  4. If your feet needed a rest, then they needed a rest. You have to listen to your body. And good for you for not just sitting around doing nothing during that time! Good luck getting back on the hiking horse today.

  5. Keep kicking @$$, Sara!!! I am so proud of you- it sounds like you are doing some great things. Stay strong...every day you are closer and closer to your goal!!!